What exactly is sex?

Sex relates to the method that you feel and function in terms of intercourse. There are several terms that are related could be confusing to know.

  • Intimate orientation. This identifies the intercourse, or gender, of individuals you’re intimately drawn to. There is absolutely no incorrect form of orientation.
    • You might be, gay that is homosexual or lesbian if you’re interested in individuals of exactly the same intercourse as your self.
    • You may well be heterosexual if you’re interested in people of the opposing intercourse as your self. The term “straight” enables you to relate to heterosexual males and ladies.
    • You might be bisexual if you’re interested in both sexes.
    • You may be pansexual if you should be drawn to individuals irrespective of their intercourse, or sex. The word “queer” may be used to relate to pansexual women and men. This really is often called polysexuality or omnisexuality.
    • You might be asexual if you should be maybe not interested in either intercourse. (more…)