Princess Nicolette Ducasse would do just about anything for her family members, also check out a international nation and imagine become her sis and marry Sultan Malik Roman Nuri. Her plan: impersonate Chantal for awhile, break the engagement and get back house. But, Nic never imagined Malik Nuri become one Sultan that is sexy and discovers by by herself over her mind in wedding plans, classes about Baraka history plus in the middle of bone-melting kisses that this woman is quickly becoming hooked on.

Sultan Malik Roman Nuri picked Princess Chantal Ducasse to be their Queen. But once she comes, Malik is confronted with a female who lights a fire within their soul and heart that can’t be released. every thing he decided turns to chaos as Malik learns that their quickly to be Queen is not quite what he expected, but he desires her simply the same.

The Sultan’s Bought

“You’re perhaps perhaps perhaps not planning to go.” Princess Nicolette tossed the parchment that is heavy to the garbage can. (more…)